Lets make it a new habit.

Lets make it a new habit.

I’m not sure if it’s selective googling or selective binging, but I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles about managing your 20s. I will assume that generally these blogs are written by 20 somethings that feel like they are constantly fucking up and constantly searching for guidance as they embark on this so-called journey of discovering themselves. I will also assume that these 20 somethings are just as cynical as me (or at least that’s what their blog content depicts).

As much as I love indulging myself in these blogs, I know I need to stop. After all I read these blogs so these fellow 20 somethings can reassure me of last night’s actions. These people fuck up and so do I so it does put a fuzzy feeling in my stomach knowing I’m not the only lost and unsure adult.

But like I said, I need to stop. I need to stop over criticizing my impulsive choices and bad direction. I need to stop dreading the rest of my 20s and accept that what I have now is absolutely beautiful.

Come on, we are in our fucking 20s. We can make mistakes. We can have a lot of sex or get so fucked up, and that other shit. We need to take advantage of our youth. We have the ability to learn and to discover what we love and what we hate. We can go through as many shitty boys as we want until we find that not so shitty boy.

We are so consumed in the little troubles of life; the unanswered text message from that one shitty boy or the horrible Monday we just had because we spilled coffee on our shirt and got chewed out by the boss. But why don’t we shift our focus and indulged ourselves. We have the power to do and be whoever we want. Being in our 20s is the start of a new life.

So lets stop being so winded over not having the life we expected to have at whatever age we are. We will get there. Stop being so hard on ourselves. One day we will miss all these drunken nights and sex escapades. One day we won’t have that luxury of making mistakes. One day we won’t have that time to learn and discover who we are. Lets make it a new habit.

Lets make something of ourselves. Lets make something of our lives. 


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