10 signs you’re going through a pre “quarter century crisis”

10 signs you’re going through a pre “quarter century crisis”

1)    Age: When asked your age, you ALWAYS respond with “I’m 22, but I’m practically 23,” although in reality, you won’t be turning 23 for another 6 months.

2)    Alcohol & Parties: Now that you’re “almost” 23, parties are out of the question; when you do find yourself at a house party, you’re most likely the one sleeping on the couch and/or complaining about how immature these “kids” are.

3)    Alcohol: You scoff at anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good glass of wine and/or can’t differentiate brews.

4)    The Youth: You automatically hate anyone 20 or younger.

5)    Hypochondriac: All of a sudden you’re inclined to go to the doctor’s for ANYTHING. (Examples: You find an unexpected and unwarranted bruise and you think you have hematoma. You experience chest pain and you have someone rush you to the emergency room because you’re experiencing a heart attack.)

6)    Netflix: Most of your Saturdays consist of you, flannel pajamas, and netflix instant.

7)    Advice: You always find yourself talking to strangers about the “real world” and being “old.” And when you’re conversing with a 19 year old, you always say “don’t worry you’re still young. You’ll start to understand when you’re my age.”

8)    Products: You’ve recently stocked up on firming masks, anti-aging serums and eye cream.

9)    Parents: Your parents are no longer your worse enemies, but your best friends. They always go to you for advice now.

10) 30: It seems like turning 30 is just around the corner. Traveling, stable careers, marriage, and children—all of a sudden your biological clock is ticking faster than ever and all you can think about is the “future.”


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